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spring 2024

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FEB. 2024

from idea to now --how APMW came about

DEC. 2023

invisible disability, representation

NOV. 2023

understanding pain, inviting grieving, and navigating events

JULY 2023

teaching and "leaving" the work behind

MAY 2023

writing Adalene, inviting perspective with invisible disabilities

APRIL 2023

origin story, acceptance, and medical advocacy

MARCH 2023

friends, empathy, and speaker panel

FEB. 2023

working from home, my book, and life before pain

DEC. 2022

chronic pain, therapy, and support groups

DEC. 2022

teaching, curriculum, and student engagement

JUNE 2022

Articles & Interviews

from guilty to gusty

JULY 2023

author's corner, increasing representation

APRIL 2023

learning & unlearning

APRIL 2023